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Attorney KrisAnne Hall makes a solid case, supporting to goals of the Constitutionalist group that is occupying a Federal building in eastern Oregon.

HJL Adds: It is important to remember that while we agree that the underlying principles that brought this mess in Burns, Oregon to a head are very important and that abuses have, are, and continue to be propagated by the Federal government, the methods and tactics employed by the Bundys and militia leave much to be desired. Bob Wright has written a letter titled “Why Bunkerville was so right and Burns is so wrong” that outlines our concerns very well. The Patriots have basically had their hand forced by a few who are overly anxious to bring this to a conflict. Many patriots were brought to Burns for a peaceful rally only to have this surprise sprung on them. Rather than picking the battle of their choice, Patriots are having the battle chosen for them, and the choice was marginal at best. The Moral right initiative has been lost in this battle, and public opinion is crucial to winning. That being said, we also agree that the Feds have a duty to bring this to a close peacefully.

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From Mike Williamson’s Blog “The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse”: BATFE and “Engaged in the Business” of Selling Firearms

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With apologies to Tolkien: “One Bank To Rule Them All • One Surveillance State To Find Them • One World Order To Disarm Them All…And In The Darkness Bind Them…” – How Iceland Escaped From The One Bank – GJM

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Sent in by D.S.: Cell-Phone Distracted Parenting Can Have Long-Term Consequences – New research shows how cell phone distraction can deprive babies’ developing brains of crucial developmental signals.

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Louisiana Pastor Fingerprinted for Being Too Loud

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