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Reader P.H. wrote in: I just saw this a few minutes ago. It could turn out to be critical, or turn out to be nothing: Three of Cliven Bundy’s sons, militia seize federal building in Oregon. The “federal building” that they took over was the little offices at a National Wildlife Refuge 50 miles out in the countryside, outside of Burns, Oregon. It’s a kinda big deal but not nearly the deal that would have happened if they took over a “federal building” in town.

I hope they brought sandwiches and dressed for the weather ’cause the government is going to shut off the power and go home. What a dumb place for a standoff or whatever it is they wanted to accomplish. I understand some of the provocations, but this is another not-clear-cut situation.

This could be spun up to be an Obama excuse to act against militias, at the very least. Very interesting timing. If they did this (and as far as I can tell they really did), it would be the stupidest thing they could do… It’s so stupid you have to wonder if it’s a false flag.

HJL Adds: I can see the stage being set here. The Federal government should have turned the lands over to the states long ago. The complacency of the states in allowing the Federal government is the root cause of this issue. However, it appears that the Bundys and militias are willing to push this issue hard. The scene is set for another Ruby Ridge or Waco scenario. Will the Feds blink? They did over the Bundy’s ranch, but with every blink, they loose more ground. If they push back, will the country allow another Waco? I’m not sure you can call this a false flag, but it is certainly a volatile situation. Either way it goes will have far-reaching consequences, if the Bundys and the militia don’t blink first. If they do blink, it’s business as usual.

In any case, this may be the ideal situation for pushing the Federal government out of the state-owned lands. A take-over in a large city most certainly would have involved SWAT. Taking over an unoccupied compound like they did makes it much more difficult for the government to act unilaterally and save face.

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From the desk of Michael Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: How to Weld Using Car Batteries & Jumper Cables (Video) – I think similar things have been posted before. This would require having a welding rod or some way to fake one (ash slurry and clay hardened around a steel round, possibly), and multiple batteries and a way to charge them. However, for repairs while on convoy or at a retreat if the welder breaks down, the knowledge is useful.

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RBS sent in this link with a “Religion of Piece” update…Islamic Fighters Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up

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Reader B.B. sent in this link – CDC: Dangerous superbug on the rise.

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D.S. sent in a link to a fascinating article asking Why Do Americans Refrigerate Eggs? Those who live on farms usually don’t. At our house, it’s not uncommon to open the egg carton and see a few things stuck to the outside of the egg. It’s no big deal. If it grosses you out, just wash the egg right before you use it, but here is some proof that washing the egg before storage is actually detrimental.