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Conservative talk radio host Pete Santilli was arrested after police dispatch radio traffic mentioned that both he and his co-host “…vehicle matched to terrorist watch list, along with names.” Then the backpedalling began… This is quite troubling, even as an isolated incident. The chances of both the vehicle and the two radio hosts names INCORRECTLY matching the terrorist watch list are close to ZERO. The police chief reportedly spent an hour on the phone with the DHS before de-escalating the arrest. And doubtless part of this hour was being briefed on how to handle the upcoming CYA session with television reporters.- JWR

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Texas to Become 45th State to Allow Open Carry – RBS

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A bit tongue-in-cheek but fun nonetheless: 30 Reasons Why You Might Be a Crazy Prepper Nut Job – D.S.

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BREAKING: No More Colt 1911s In California? Tell me again why anyone does business with Kalifornia?

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191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked In Mystery Database – Not only is this an incredible breach of privacy, but no one seems to be able to tell who is responsible for just leaving the information lying around, unprotected on the Internet in the first place. – G.G.

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