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Another reason why I don’t do social media: The Serial Swatter – T.Z.

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ISIS Sanctions Organ Harvesting of living non-Muslims (to save Muslim lives) – Sent in by T.P.

Article quote: “Islamic State has sanctioned the harvesting of human organs in a previously undisclosed ruling by the group’s Islamic scholars, raising concerns that the violent extremist group may be trafficking in body parts. The ruling, contained in a January 31, 2015 document reviewed by Reuters, says taking organs from a living captive to save a Muslim’s life, even if it is fatal for the captive, is permissible.”

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Government Concerned That Homeschool Parents Are “Radicalizing” Their Children – D.S.

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SurvivalBlog reader D.S. sent in the link to a video that pretty much sums up all my complaints about many churches today: Star Wars Nativity. When the Gospel message or the teaching of God’s commandments are eclipsed by “a good show” (entertainment) we are in deep, deep trouble.

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But what if Muslim terrorists are attacking us because they’re Muslim terrorists? The Islam Terror Truthers

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