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A reader sent in this link to Thoughts from Frank and Fern: Just Grow Up.

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Human Rights Campaign Calls on Christian Colleges to Repent of Their Christianity. JWR’s Comment: Of America’s 4,084 colleges and universities, just 56 have sought Title IX exemptions. So they say that 0.0137 of institutions have sought independence and that constitutes a “disturbing trend”? What is disturbing to me is that 99.98% of colleges haven’t stood up for Christian morality.

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From the Desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: The Fallen of World War II
I notice the Soviet troops are referred to as “Soviets” or “Russians,” not “Communists.” Americans are not referred to as “capitalists,” or “republicans.” Yet German soldiers of the Wehrmacht are referred to as “Nazis,” not “Germans.” The Wehrmacht was officially apolitical, and quite a few officers spoke out before and after against Nazism. I think it’s important to draw a distinction between the troops fighting the war and the political arms of the SA and Gestapo, who orchestrated the exterminations, especially as the Soviets had their own anti-Jewish and other programs ongoing at the same time.

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Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Discharges Weapon, Shoots Himself – Sent in by B.B.
HJL’s Comment: One might actually call this “poetic justice” as the comments given by the sheriff indicated that he “knew in his heart” that some should not be carrying.

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Most Asylum Applicants Are Interviewed by Telephone. Feel Safer? – Sent in by J.L.

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