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Sent in by T.P.: Flame Thrower Equipped Hobby Drone – Happy Holidays ! – You know you want one!

“The next best thing to having sharks with lasers” – JWR

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Also sent in by T.P.: FAA Finally Admits Names And Home Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available

JWR’s Comment: Let me get this straight: I can buy or build, and personally fly an ultralight or a powered parachute with an empty weight of up to 253 pounds with no FAA paperwork or licensing whatsoever. Some ultralight owners have staged solo cross-country flights. (3,000 miles!) But starting in 2016, the same agency wants to register the owners of all drone (remotely piloted) aircraft weighting more than 240 GRAMS? (About 9 ounces.) That is highly illogical.

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It has been reported that President Bolt Hold Open has started a lengthy vacation in Hawaii with his family, and that his raft of planned Executive Orders will be delayed until after his return. Let me be the first to suggest that BHO extend his vacation in Hawaii until late December of 2016. He could just mail the key to the White House to his successor. Our nation would be a much safer and more free place, because of it. – JWR

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The DOOMSDAY plan if America’s power systems are wiped out by cyber attacks – Sent in by G.G.

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Homeless Man Allegedly Lived In Army Barracks As Soldier For 8 Months – Not just any Army barracks but in a special forces barracks at Fort Bragg! – Sent in by G.P.

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