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From the Desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: Would you trust your life to a company that can’t get its calibers straight? .22mm short?

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Reader A.L. sent in this link as an outstanding response to the question about “peacful Muslims”
HJL Adds: This is a somewhat dated link but an excellent one nonetheless and worth repeating. I recently heard a podcast on Forward Observer Magazine that also gives some good reasoning. The short of it? “Islam” apparently means “submission” as in submission to Allah. If you’re going to be submissive to Allah, you need to find out what Allah’s will is. You do that by reading the Qu’ran and in its pages you learn that Islam is indeed a religion of peace. Peace that is obtained by vanquishing all of your enemies. Allah’s will is that Islam becomes not just the dominate political system but the only one. In other words it instructs “convert or die”. And we not only allow refugees of this political system masquerading as a religion into our borders, but we allow the U.N. (UNHCR) to decide who gets to come? We have truly lost our collective minds!

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Reader T.Z. recommended this link on A short course in counter-terror theory. It’s a different perspective but good points.

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Team led by Middle Eastern Woman Caught Surveilling U.S. Facility on Mexican Border. How many more have they missed?! – Sent in by W.C.

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Several readers wrote in about the link to Firbrotext Nightwalker suits. It does appear to be available to the general public: Fibrotex Online (currently on sale)
There is also another product that may augment the Nightwalker for static locations: MVT Shield.

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