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For readers who’d like to get a glimpse of what the terrain, weather, and people are like in the Ilemi Triangle (the main locale of my latest novel, Land of Promise), I recommend a YouTube video narrated by a C-130 Hercules pilot who was based out of Lokichoggio, Kenya: A Postcard From Loki. – JWR

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This video clip from Homeland pretty well sums up just how extremely devoted the jihadis are to setting up an Islamic Caliphate: Quinn from Homeland Understands the Problem – JWR

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For those following the Infrared camoflauge technology, SurvivalBlog reader M.R. sent in this link to a lightweight thermal concealment system. We’re not sure if it is available to the general public or not.

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Here is some real survival skill – Prehistoric weapon used by Missouri hunter to bag huge whitetail. In the words of C.H. who sent this link: “I’m not worthy!”

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ICE Brags About Catching 0.0002% of Criminal Aliens – If ICE apprehended 39 criminal aliens in 5 days, that clocks in at about 7.8 aliens per day. If the agency continued this torrid pace day after day after day, it would take them almost 63 years to apprehend all 179,000 of the criminal aliens we have on our streets today. – P.M.

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