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Marital Value in the Free Market

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Did you notice the communications blackout in parts of the world? Sun Unleashes Major Solar Flare (Video). – L.M.

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It’s not particularly efficient when you consider all the energy used to produce the ice to run it, but it’s easy and I can think of several times a small personal cooler would have been nice: Chill Out This Summer with a Homemade Air Conditioner. – R.M.

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Report: Putin Ceases ‘High-Level’ Contact with Obama Administration. – G.P.

Hugh Adds: A few things strike me as odd about this whole thing.

  1. Russia is acting as if they can project world power, though in truth their military is at best a regional power. Much of their military is aged and not very well trained.
  2. The U.S. is acting as if Russia is a super power and can project world power, even though we know they can’t efficiently do so. The U.S. has backed up on every line in the sand that has been drawn. Even in the relatively hurting condition our military is in, we can project power if we so desire, even in a European theater.
  3. The European countries are acting as if they have nothing at stake and are unwilling to get involved even though they have the most to lose by allowing Russia’s geographical expansion. The U.S. has no real vested interest to protect here, so why isn’t Europe taking the lead?

I’m seeing shadows of WWII here. If we are talking appeasement, we can see that that didn’t work too well with Hitler. Why would we try it with Russia? If we are talking economic sanctions, that didn’t work too well with Japan either. We forced their hand into attacking the U.S. by trying to crush them with sanctions. I realize that this is an over-simplification of the situation, but something just isn’t making sense to me here.

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Buying MREs makes a prepper a terrorist? Homeland Security Encourages Businesses to Snitch on Preppers as Terrorists. – M.H.

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