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SurvivalBlog reader D.B sent in this link about New Legislation Would Force Twitter and Facebook to Report “Terrorist Activity”. So who decides what terrorist activity is? Just one more reason to avoid social web media

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Krayton Kerns on Gun Control – Picasso’s Little Sister

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No passports for US citizens who haven’t paid taxes or don’t have a Social Security number

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I am incredibly unsettled by reports of large amounts of cell phone purchases and stolen LP tanks by Muslims. On one hand, the purchase of cell phones shouldn’t be a crime by itself, but there is also the disturbing trend of how phones like these are being used. (Warning: The video depicts graphic violence and I am unable to ascertain if it is real or not.) And we want more of these people here?!

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From the Desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: History repeats itself – Millennials Want To Send Troops To Fight ISIS, But Don’t Want To Serve

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