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President BHO gave a speech on December 6th in which he, among other things, urged enactment of controls on civilian-owned battle rifles. He also mentioned expanding the National “No-Fly” List into a “No-Buy” list for firearms purchases. Since the DHS administrative secret persona non grata list has no proper remedy, redress, or recourse under law, and because it is chronically plagued by thousands of “wrongly matched” false positive names that have already cost tremendous undue suffering, this is an exceptionally bad idea. Thusfar, the expected torrent of new Executive Orders implementing BHO’s plans has not yet been unleashed. Perhaps this was because he didn’t want to issue them on Pearl Harbor Day. That might prove embarrassing. – JWR

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This sheriff has the right idea, though the phrase “legally licensed to carry a firearm” is troubling. Perhaps Florida residents should get that pesky “open carry” situation resolved so that phrase can be stricken from conversation. ‘Let There Be No Mistake in What I’m About to Say’: Watch Sheriff’s Blunt Message to Gun Owners Amid Terror Threat

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A translation of a sobering message from an Egyptian woman: A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World – Sent in by B.B.

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An interesting discovery on disposal of plastics – Mealworms Can Happily And Safely Eat Styrofoam (Chickens love mealworms!)

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Congress Orders IRS To Use Private Debt Collection Companies – Sent in by PLC

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