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JWR’s recent interview on the Oathkeepers podcast is now available at YouTube. The discussion of the Paris terror attacks and the release of the novel Land Of Promise begin at the 37:45 mark.

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NSA Phone Surveillance (Kind of) Comes to an End. So you think it’s all good now? Maybe not: No, NSA Phone Spying Has Not Ended. Let’s see… the database still exists in the hands of the NSA; the “private” companies still keep the records with little to no oversight; tell me again how this is different and better?

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As expected, the cockroaches crawl out of the woodwork in record time to call for Gun Control: Gun Control Group Calls For Obama To Declare “State of Emergency,” Ban Guns – Because everyone knows that banning guns will keep criminals from taking them into victim-rich gun free zones. Link sent in by B.B.

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Along those same lines, the Media Races To Make San Bernardino Shooting About Planned Parenthood even though the closest clinic was over a mile away. – RBS

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Sent in by D.R. – The Fall Of America Signals The Rise Of The New World Order

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