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For the more technical among us, this is an interesting tale of how Tor got hacked and made onymous. – Send in by P.S.

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Reader G.P. sent in this link to the Washington Free Beacon reporting ‘Unprecedented’ Support For Islamic State Within U.S.. It’s a scary situation when the world chooses to stick its collective head in the sand over the evils of Islam. A simple Google search provides an abundance of information and people apparently can’t be bothered to do that.

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Another “Read my lips” situation: Obama Pledges Executive Action on Gun Control – Link sent in by B.B.

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The Glenn Beck show had an interesting segment on prepping. Which category of prepper do fall into? (And isn’t interesting that the election of Hillary Clinton as president is classed equal to an apocalypse.)

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An anonymous reader sent in the link profiling a piece of equipment we’ve been watching for the past few months: goTenna | Text & GPS on your phone, even without service.. It looks like they will be shipping in time for the holidays.

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