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Do our politicians not study history anymore? Do they think that they can flippantly navigate through the dangers without consequence? Does anybody remember the powder-keg of world events that led to World War I? Turkey Blockades Russian Shipping, Black Sea Fleet Completely Cut off

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Video: 1000W LED Flashlight – Worlds Brightest (90,000 Lumens) – Sent in by T.R.

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Reader T.Z sent in the link for this neat tool: For those who own a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, this Flush Kit can greatly simplify the process of flushing the pump and changing the oil. (Video)

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Santaclaustrophobia – watch where you attempt to gain entry lest it be a free fire zone. Sent in by T.Z.

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Reader D.S. sent this in: I’m sure everyone has their cans of powdered or dehydrated cheese in the stocks. By here’s a better option for REAL cheese that stores up to 25 years!

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