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A recent Oath Keepers podcast interview: Winter Prepping with James Wesley, Rawles

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If you can’t hide from them, obfuscate! SurvivalBlog Reader Keeper sent in this link profiling two browser plugins that gives the data collectors what they want. Enough of it to choke on and make the data random and worthless.

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Or, if you prefer the more traditional way of just dropping off the radar altogether, D.S. sent in this link on How To Disappear And Live Under The Radar

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Useful information for those of us who still think that all long-term battery technology involves lead plates and acid electrolytes. If you plan on humping comm. radios, using “hobby” security drones, or other high energy draw items you need to learn about LiPo batteries. They have some real advantages, but they can cause trouble, too. Sent in by T.P.

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Canada to turn away single men as part of Syrian refugee resettlement plan . Sent in by P.S.

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