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From SurvivalBlog reader S.H. – While I don’t make a habit of watching PBS, this caught my attention. Though the technical aspects were mostly over my head, the ramifications were not. This type of terrorism vastly widens the threat to the power grid along with other infrastructures. Cyber War Threat

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Real Danger Is Violence and War-Catherine Austin Fitts This is in-line with what I have been saying for quite some time. There is a huge economic crises coming, yet TPTB will keep kicking the can down the road, watching the crises grow larger and larger until some outside force finally determines that enough is enough. Whether it is domestic violence driven by the demise of the middle class and racial tensions or an International war on the scale of World War III, sooner or later someone will break. – link submitted by B.B.

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Pioneers of ‘pee-cycling’ tout urine’s value – Of course, I’m wondering how they deal with the heavy metals from massive dosing of vitamins and chemical compounds from the over-medication of the population? – G.P.

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In combat, mobility is everything…Is the same true of surviving TEOTWAWKI? Potential Danger Is in Government Responses.

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An interesting twist on an old problem: Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from ‘psychopathic’ ISIS Sent in by D.S.

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