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From the desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large comes this link showing groundwater resources: New study maps Earth’s hidden groundwater for the first time

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Four Dead, 1 Million Lose Power in Destructive Northwest Windstorm (Article and auto starting video)

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Emphasizing the need for situational awareness, SurvivalBlog reader T.Z. sent in the link to this article on the Paris attacks: Paris attack witness says black Mercedes pulled up and shooters fired rifles from the hip

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Only hours after “He who must not be named” taunted the GOP with being afraid of widows, a female suicide bomber exploded in Paris Sent in by P.M.

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C.L. sent in this link to an article showing the map of states and their stance on accepting refugees.

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G.P. sent in this link to a short film on the new generation of farmers: Where Have All the Farmers Gone? It’s really good to see young people expressing concern about farming.

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