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J.C. sent in a link to an interesting article on gardening in Colonial America: How Americans Gardened 260 Years Ago

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You are probably already aware of most of this content, but while the media wants to claim that ISIS came out of nowhere, the truth is far more concerning. U.S. policy has direct links to its creation. Video: Origin of ISIS. Sent in by J.C.

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Still not convinced that all of Islam is bad? How about hearing from their own lips that there is no such thing as Islamic Extremists; there is only Islamic: Video: Extreme Islam is Islam, according to Islam.

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US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans – Sent in by J.H.

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It’s kind of basic, but Popular Mechanics has an article on 7 ways to protect yourself from a home invasion that is worth reading. – D.S.

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