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Avalanche Lily suggested this link to Frank and Fern’s Blog: One More Wake Up Call Paris is indeed a tragedy, but are you prepared for the eventuality of the same kind of issues here?

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SurvivalBlog reader P.J. states that Patrice Lewis hits that nail on the head with this article about the recent Million Student March: To The Tantrum Generation: Forget College and further notes that it dovetails nicely with our third place winner in round 53 of the Writing Contest, Getting A Real Education– Why Becoming Self-Sufficient Is Better Than Going To College, by D.T.

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Reader B.B. notes that Sweden, long established as a safe welfare state where doors were hardly ever locked, is descending into anarchy over the “refugee” invasion of Europe.

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In case you haven’t noticed, Yes, we are at war with Islam – We have been for over a thousand years. – Sent in by W.C.

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It should be obvious that when (not if) a similar situation to Paris happens here, the only person you can count on is you…and maybe those who trained with you. We Are All On The Front Lines Now. Train to Fight. Sent in by A.L. (Warning: Some foul language)

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