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Ready Made Resources is having a Veterans Day sale. They are adding two boxes of Infrared Chemical Lights (a $70 value) and a Surface Trip flare for those Chemical Lights (a $25 value) to either the PVS-14 3rd Gen+ or the PVS-14 2nd Gen+ Night Vision packages. All standard accessories come with the units along with a 10 year warranty. They also have a one week return policy if you are not 100% satisfied. Thank you, Veterans, for your service.

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This is a very uncomfortable thought. Sniper Attack on California Electrical Grid an Inside Job? (CNN) – T.A.

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As if being traumatized by the handicapping (or loss) of a child was bad enough, the government now adds insult to injury. Government Has Broken Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – D.S.

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Texas School Reportedly Fired Two Employees Who Raised Concerns About a Transgender 6-Year-Old Yet another reason to get your kids out of public schools. – D.S.

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SurvivalBlog reader G.P. sent in the link to this article with some excellent photos from the November 9th, 1965 blackout that left most of the Northeast without power for hours.

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Reader B.B. sent in this interesting link on Mountain men and Their Weapons.

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