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On Both Sides Of The Atlantic: Coming Soon To The Politically-Vulnerable Near You. Puppetmasters don’t move an underground irregular military into your community out of “compassion”, any more than they agitate low-achievement and frustrated isolates and enclaves already among you into becoming the pawns of irregular militaries (e.g.: The “New” Black Panthers) of the future, out of “compassion”. Acid or base is not added to a previously-stable compound out of empathy for the acid or base; it’s added to move pH and destabilize the compound, so that it can be altered–an old thing destroyed, a new thing made of its constituent remains—for new uses. Whatever new compound or whatever new order is made of the raw, burnt, mulch of The West, be sure that neither your vision, your will, or any of mine is ever to be among even the gravest of trace ingredients:

German Town: Migrants Riot in Church, Steal From Stores, Defecate on Gardens

And all around us, the walls of our strength and the insights of our heritage continue to crumble. – GJM

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Sent in by JBG: How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

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As if cameras in smart TVs wasn’t enough: Own a Vizio Smart TV? It’s watching you Data mining is in, and you would be surprised at how much a company can tell about you by your watching habits. You might be even more surprised at how quickly they can discern this information. And to top it off, if the database exists, it can be obtained… by anyone who wants it bad enough.

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From RBS: The 5,554-page Trans Pacific Partnership Text Released- and it ain’t real pretty.

“’The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership runs 5,554 pages,’ declared Sessions, in a statement issued Thursday, soon after the release of the text. ‘This is, by definition, anti-democratic,’ he charged. ‘No individual American has the resources to ensure his or her economic and political interests are safeguarded within this vast global regulatory structure.’”

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Evidence of vaccine injuries memory-holed from U.S. government website – Sent in by D.S.

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