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Sent in by GJM: When Collapse Is Cheaper and More Effective Than Reform

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As the White House continues with its headlong charge into stifling small business and generating tax revenue with the “climate change” narrative, yet another blow is dealt. Apparently, the decision is: Who needs facts when they don’t support your desires.

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FOAB: The Armament In The Hands Of The World Leader Who, You Know, Actually Goes Out And Accomplishes Stuff… Just In Time For The Christmas Shopping Season—The Russians Have A New “Green-Friendly” Bomb and An Even Newer Incentive To Use It (I didn’t say what he accomplished was GOOD stuff; I just asserted at least he got his Slavic rear-end off of the golf course and did it.) – Sent in by GJM

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Nearly 600 Earthquakes in San Ramon During Recent Swarm. Sent in by G.P.

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Reader D.S. sent in this disturbing article: Cops Now Stealing Your Stuff to ‘Protect You’ from People Who Might Steal Your Stuff

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