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Bill Would Force Gun Dealers to Sell Smart Guns

JWR”s Comment: This has the same pungent barnyard odor of Obamacare FORCING people to buy health insurance. And in this case, since there are only a couple of brands of “smart guns” on the market, this is also in effect an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder.

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So, you think you’re a manly man, do you? Try this on for size: The Sioux Guide to Mental and Physical Toughness Sent in by W.A.

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SurvivalBlog reader G.G. sent in this link about The White House is prepping for a single weather event that could cost $2 trillion in damage You don’t suppose they know something?

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Concerned that Internet companies are tracking your every move? It seems abstinance is the only remaining defense. The FCC says it can’t force Google and Facebook to stop tracking their users Sent in by G.P.

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It’s such a blessing to be part of an inclusive society…NOT! This U.S. city has become the first to elect a Muslim-majority city council. – MtH

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