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This news story from St. Louis somehow reminds me of the Tax Man character from the Popeye movie.

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Could Mount St Helens be about to erupt? Massive magma chamber found below the volcano may reveal clues about future explosions “Geologists still consider Mount St. Helens to be of high risk of erupting” got preps? Sent in by G.P.

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Russia flexing its muscles in the absence of the leader of the free world: Russia Test-fires Series Of Nuclear Missiles During Strategic Drills Those bomb shelters are starting to look appealing again.

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Hmm, more political pressure on the oil companies about climate change… Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General

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For those who doubt that the U.S. is under attack through illegal immigration: Illegal immigrants release ‘Bill of Rights’ Sent in by GJM

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