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We have come full circle: GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’ Those who were around in the 70s will understand. Sent in by KFF.

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From GJM: Good, solid, short article about rail; it’s not Erwin Rommel, but there’s nothing stupid in all of it.

The author’s point about graffiti highlights something about which I should have reflected but haven’t: wherever one observes it, a probably-young person of no particularly high fitness level or seriousness of intent, utilizing quantities of energy associated with mere whim, has successfully traversed: thus, hard men with seriousness of intent can, too. And if there’s any value in that terrain, they’re already there first. Trolls Live Under Bridges

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From Krayton Kerns, DVM – The Death of the American Spirit. Sent in by Avalanche Lily

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SurvivalBlog reader T.H. sent in this video showing a one horse woodsplitter. Really! It’s only one horse, though to be fair, it is a rather large horse. The splitter is very effective.

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This is disturbing on so many levels: Verizon Begins CENSORING Customer E-mails. Yes, they may only be trying to help, but that is an incredibly slippery slope, and the decision shows an incredible lack of understanding of how modern business is transacted. – Sent in by G.P.

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