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Have you noticed the growing potholes in the roads lately? It’s not your imagination. Reader G.P. sent this in: To save money, states give up on repairing some rural roads

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From GJM: Eat ALL Your Dining-Out Meals In Red-State Restaurants, and Let Blue-State Disarmed Communist Serf Restaurants Serve “From Each Cook and Server According To Abilities, To Each Patron According To His Needs”, and bring a gun! Help improve probity and courtesy among those with Blue-State habits! Freedom-embracing Indiana Restaurant Gives 25% Discount To All Gun-Packing CCW Patrons! (Editor’s warning: NSA/DHS Facebook account required to view the original post.)

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After years of over-regulation and draconian gun laws (and a whole generation of people who are terrified of an inanimate object), the Islamic refugee invasion pulls the trigger: Europe is now scrambling for guns. Many now wish they had a 2nd Amendment. Sent in by B.B.

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SurvivalBlog reader P.M. sent in this link to EAG News on how the NEA union is targeting homeschoolers for new government restrictions.

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We will certainly be interested in how this court case plays out: Amish Man Challenges Photo ID Requirement on Firearm Purchase. Sent in by RBS.

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