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Little did we know…Overstock holds 3 months of food and $10 million in gold to ensure their employees are taken care of in the coming financial collapse. Sent in by G.G.

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From SurvivalBlog reader GJM: Guns in the hands of law-abiding American citizens—unthinkable mayhem: “very bad”
Guns in the hands of Syrian terrorists like ISIL, who want to kill American citizens, put there by the same Emperor who wants to take them from American citizens, paid for by wealth stolen from American citizens—safe, controlled, intelligent: “very good”
hmm, Einsteinian Insanity

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RBS sent in a link to this article on a bill that has been introduced to remove suppressors from NFA regulation under the Hearing Protection Act. It’s an uphill battle but one well worth the fight.

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As a former teacher, I constantly fought the battle with my students over Wikipedia. On February 6 of this year, Sharyl Attkisson gave a TEDx talk outlining the weaknesses in this resource. If you use Wikipedia as a source, it’s 10 minutes of your time well spent. Thanks to reader T.P. for the link.

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Reader T.K. sent in this link about a New York man building his own ‘country’ in Utah. It will be interesting to see how well it fares and if the Federal or State governments take notice of him. This is a subject that is near and dear to us here at SurvivalBlog with the release of JWR’s new book “Land of Promise” on December 1st. (Reminder: Order your copy on December 1st)

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