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It’s All Greek To Me! I just noticed that there is a Greek edition of my Penguin book How To SurvIve The End Of The World As We Know It in print. That seems quite apropos, since the Greek economy is now cratering, and most of the citizenry has resorted to bartering to meet most of their basic needs. See: Odigos epiviosis gia to telos tou kosmou opos ton xeroume. (Folks can put that on the shelf alongside their Bulgarian edition: Kak da otseleem sled kraya na sveta takav, kakavto go poznavame … and Korean – JWR

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Real life Walking Dead…Investigation after crazed man bit passenger on Lisbon to Dublin flight before dying Sent in by P.M.

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More on the immigration mess in Europe: Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate, sent in by P.M.

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SurvivalBlog reader B.B. sent in this article: “This is No Longer Fiction” – The Era of Automatic Facial Recognition and Surveillance Is Here

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Reader JBG forwarded this story showing the struggle of Israelis in the last few days: Desperate Israelis Fight Palestinian Terrorists with Selfie Sticks

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