Odds ‘n Sods:

SurvivalBlog reader Dan sent in this article: Refugees Over Run Germany, From an Expat’s Prospective (Prepardnessadvice.com)

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Even Sweden is close to collapse, due to the wave of migrants that just keep coming, according to this article sent in by J.C.

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SurvivalBlog reader P.M. sent in the link to this article on R.T. explaining how America is a bomb waiting to explode.

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Lucky Gunner has posted an article comparing more than 115 handgun loads tested in Ballistic Gel. It’s the test you always wanted to do but didn’t have the funds for. Ballistic Gel isn’t the total answer when you are shooting, but it’s a great resource. Look your favorite round up. (Scroll to the bottom if you are pressed for time.)

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R.B.S. sent in an article showing that Saudi Security Forces have arrested and expelled over 174,000 people in one month. It makes you wonder why we can’t even seem to start the process.

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2 Responses to Odds ‘n Sods:

  1. Michelle from Canada says:

    Dear Hugh,

    They are flooding Europe with Muslim migrants. Angela Merkel is simply following the Globalist agenda. She is responding on command like a good mutt. They want to flood Europe with an hostile Muslims population. They come to the west with their own political agenda.

    Why would they not go to Europe? European governments give them all services and preferential treatment over the native European population. This will happen eventually in America if they can manage it. Preferential treatment for housing, education, financial assistance. I am forgetting a few I am sure. And you are silenced with new laws that eventually will send you strait to jail if you open your mouth, in Europe. Some tenants living in the same apartment for many years, have even been evicted to house migrants instead. Did you know that at least 40% to 60% of Muslim men don’t work and live on the dole, according to the information I found. So they are not coming to fill up vacant jobs.
    It is a political ploy. They want to submerge Europe and the western world at large with this Muslim immigration from Asia, Africa, the Middle East. And they have a lot of them to ship abroad.

    Hugh, did you talk about this with James?
    Goodbye for now,Hugh

    Michelle from Canada

  2. Michelle from Canada says:

    America a bomb waiting to explode.

    It is ticking. When you make the wrong decisions you reap what you sow. Who sows the wind reaps the storm. Your masters are destroying this country.

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