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Sent in by SurvivalBlog reader P.M. Islamist UK Teachers Tell Pupils: ‘Wives Can’t Refuse Sex’ (Clarion Project)

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Jason in Kansas writes in to say: “So my birthright is now to be thrown away like an old Buick?? I truly feel as if I’m going to vomit. God, please save what remains of our republic from this monster…” Clinton Praises Australian Gun Buyback Program (Free Beacon)

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A SurvivalBlog reader sent in this article from WND on Healing a Broken America.

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San Francisco Whistleblower Transferred After Revealing Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi NOT Qualified To Possess A Gun (The Gateway Pundit) Sent in by T.P.

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Hawaii governor declares state of emergency for homelessness (Town hall) sent in by G.P.

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