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From October 16th to 19th only, Oathkeeper–the latest book from Prepper Press–will be available free of charge, in Kindle e-book format.

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What’s the Goal of DOJ’s Strong Cities Network?

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Reader RBS suggested this: Controversies – Closing of Rural Hospitals across U.S. Upends Communities

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Video: Unarmed black woman beaten and tackled by Florida cops for filming arrest of her husband. When will the police learn that photographing a public event is not a crime? For any readers who do not yet have press credentials, I strongly reommmend that you print out a set of credentials. They are available free of charge at our spin-off website: CFAPA.org.

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Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large ran across a rather old, but interesting article on Artsy Zip Guns that is worth a read.

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