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A very useful piece was recently posted at the Thoughts From Frank and Fern blog: Survival Radio Net #1

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There is a lot of talk in the news about the mass shooting at a Umpqua Community College in western Oregon. A few alternative media types are asking about the shooter’s MySpace “connection”, Mahmoud Ali Ehsani. But the mainstream media outlets and the Obama regime are predictably grandstanding for civilian disarmament. Avalanche Lily (Mrs. Rawles) asks: “Why isn’t the network news asking about Muslim extremism? Why punish the 99.9% of gun owners who use their guns responsibly, when it is just the criminal behavior of a few fanatics that is to blame?” As usual, the statist-collectivists are directing their wrath at an inanimate object rather than sinful acts. If they want to stop deaths by drunken drivers, do they intend to ban cars? the same logic applies.

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I just read an announcement that Infidel Body Armor (one of our loyal advertisers) has produced a new DVD and a companion survival book. The video,titled Driven From Our Homes, was professionally produced and features a family that bugs outto a remote location and is accompanied by an Army Ranger combat veteran. It’s an action/training video. The companion book goes into much more detail, but the movie is 100% legit with no Hollywood fakery. Purchase of the DVD and book includes a one month free subscription to Team Infidel, which gives folks a 10%discount on purchases from Infidel Body Armor.

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RBS recommended this video by Pat Condell: The Invasion of Europe.

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