Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader Jon C. spotted this news story from Omaha, Nebraska: Judge rules in lawsuit by neighbor: No chickens; owner will continue fight to keep them. JWR’s Comment: This underscores the importance of avoiding buying property inside a community with a HOA and onerous CC&Rs.

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The creeping Nanny State: Court ruling makes Minnesota latest state to call BB gun ‘firearm’ (Thanks to J.B.G. for the link.)

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B.B. recommended this video: The ISIS apocalypse: The history, strategy, and doomsday vision of the Islamic State.

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Tim J. Sent us this: Woman is hysterical while begging bear to stop breaking her kayak. JWR’s Comment: I’m often asked if I carry Pepper Spray when I’m hiking. My reply: “No, I carry Lead Spray.” (Actually, I often carry both.) It is noteworthy that a 230-grain .45 caliber bullet travelling at around 1,050 feet per second certainly beats harsh language, in deterring an attack by either two-legged or four legged predators.

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