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Doctors can report some mentally ill patients to FBI under new gun control rule – JBG

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Reader P.S sent in this link to a “Graduation-rate Estimator”. For communities that are fairly well in the middle, it does a pretty good job of estimating graduation rates from high school. However, as you move towards the ends of the spectrum, it has trouble. It is possible on the estimator to get better than 100% graduation simply by paying your teachers more than anywhere else. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a tool to help you decide where to relocate, this might help. Of course a far better concept is to find what areas are supportive of homeschooling or private schooling.

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Obama releases details of his planned “executive orders” on gun control: White House Will Require Background Checks at Gun Shows and Online I noticed plenty of “talking points” keywords, such as “gun show loophole”, “common sense”, and “The majority support it.” Of course all of the talking points are distortions of known facts, and the report actually ends with the statement that none of these actions would have actually stopped any of the violence this last year.

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Obama is the #1 gun salesperson ever! – 2015: The Year of the Gun. The FBI reports an all-time record number of background checks processed. – Sent in by RBS

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From the Desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large:
Widener’s still has some M44 Mosin Nagant carbines available. These were re-arsenaled post WWII. The ones I just received were in much better shape than described, clean, operated smoothly, and shot accurately. If you are not familiar with this series of rifles, they are tough, reliable, easy to maintain and accessorize (though there’s no real need to), have sufficient power for most animals on the North American continent, and use ammo that is readily available both commercially and surplus, being still in production for Russian machine guns.

As there will be no imports of Russian weapons for the foreseeable future and because numbers are dwindling, they are also a worthwhile investment with potential for appreciation.

I have no financial interest in Widener’s but am a regular customer. I have found them to be professional, courteous, and to deliver excellent product at fair prices.

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