Odds ‘n Sods:


The Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder. – H.L.

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Glenn Greenwald to publish list of U.S. citizens that NSA spied on. – H.L.

This is a list that I am very interested to see.

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“Nobody Needs.” The Media Attempts To Grant “Absolute Moral Authority” To The Gun Control Movement. – B.B.

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Now, the police don’t even need a predator drone to kill an American. The police are authorized to shoot until the alleged perpetrator is dead, even if the danger is over. What is even more disturbing is the lack of a dissenting vote from the court. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Police Who Used Deadly Force to End High-Speed Car Chase – G.P.

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Bobby Jindal signs gun rights bills into law. – J.W.

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Sharp Employer leaves gun in safe for employees. The concept obviously worked ! – T.P.

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