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If the grid fails, will you die?. So you think that we will simply revert to the 1800 and move on with life? Try the early middle ages instead.

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U.S. Media Bias: Three large media outlets reporting on the shooting/stabbing in California, CNN, Boston Herald, and NY Daily News, and not one of them mentions the three stabbings, only the shootings. I have to find out about it in the UK based Daily Mail. – T.P.

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Physical Limits to Food Security: Water and Climate – J.W.

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Tampa welcomes “Invasion Force” – T.Y. An interesting news report on a Special Forces convention and the mock invasion performed for an audience. I do hope the news reporter learns the difference between an “Apache” helicopter and an “MH-6 little bird” at the convention though.

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Wyden: “Every American Has The Right To Know When Their Govt. Believes It Is Allowed To Kill Them” – H.L.

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