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Thailand Goes From Martial Law To a Full-on Coup In a Matter Of Days. Thai military seizes power in coup, imposes curfew. – E.B.

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Two 9-year-old students in Vancouver, Washington were deeply embarrassed last week after a classroom policy led to them urinating on themselves. ‘Pay to Potty” Policy Results in Third-Graders Peeing Themselves in School. As Duck Dynasty’s founder Phil Robertson would say, “Are you NUTS?” – H.L.

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Do you remember when establishment Republicans in Congress were scared to death of having Tea Party challengers come after their seats? Well, those days are over. Is The Tea Party Dead? – H.L.

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Can You Solve For 32-12? Probably Not…. Unbelievable common core math.

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Why Soldiers Leave Coins as a Memorial – D.S.

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