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The Old Car Loophole – When Will It Be Closed?

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Krayton Kerns warns of leftward-leaning Republicans in the Montana legislature: Trust but Verify

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Encrypted Internet Traffic Surges in a Year, Research Shows. It’s pretty obvious at this point that the largest increase is in Bittorrent, where the users don’t want others to know their true intent. You can argue whether the reason is to hide questionable activity or not, but the reality is that while that may be a significant reason, an equally compelling reason is that Internet users are just plain tired of being snooped on by anyone, including the government. If you are using encryption, you should realize that with today’s available processing power, encryption may stop real-time interpretation of data, it cannot hide it for very long. A determined entity can break into any commonly available encryption, if given enough time and cpu cycles. If you send encrypted data, it should only be transient data that has a severely limited lifetime.

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I detest social media, but if you just can’t resist using it, I’d rather see this than a list of who is dating who: What’s Pinned to Your Doomsday Survival Board? – G.P.

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SCOPA: Police No Longer Need Warrants To Search Cars In Pa. Another assault on our diminishing freedoms. – H.L.

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