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Ready Made Resources has announced their new, offshoot company– Sunrise Holistic Solutions: An “All Natural Health & Wellness” website, operated by the owner’s wife, Roxanne Griswold, who is also a Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Natural Health Professional. One of the many benefits of buying from them is that you can actually talk to someone who understands nutrition and can help you achieve lasting health from the inside out. It is Roxanne’s desire to help equip people with the nutritional tools to stand “ready”, whatever the crisis. The website offers all-natural products, including nutritional supplements, skin & hair products, pure essential oils, super foods, organic products, sprouts & sprouters, juicers, and more. Also, be sure the check out Ready Made Resources newly expanded website along with their upcoming Black Friday Sale.

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I just noticed that SurvivalBlog is nearing 70 million unique visits. Thanks for making the blog such a great success. Please continue to spread the word about SurvivalBlog, especially to newbie preppers who might not have heard about it. Thanks! – JWR

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Private Military Contractors Hired to Move Guns and Gold Out of Ferguson. – B.B.

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By way of the Western Rifle Shooters Association: Infection Control for Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers in the African Health Care Setting

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Homeschooling family tasered, arrested after being accused of having a ‘messy’ house. – J.H.

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