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15 Doomsday Fiction Books That May Soon Become Reality – J.W.

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In a recent incident in western Oregon, a man was arrested on his own property for filming police from across the street. This police must learn that they cannot trample our First Amendment right to document public events. Join CFAPA.org, folks! Membership and press credentials are available free of charge.

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SWAT team shoots lap dog. – T.P.

As usual, it’s not cut and dried; it’s a complicated altercation with police, but it is an indication of current police mentality. Warning: foul language

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Proposed Water Rule Could Put ‘Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy’ of EPA – B.B.

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St. Louis Schools – Townships Warn Residents to STOCK UP ON WATER, FOOD, MEDICINE Before #MikeBrown Decision. – B.B

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From Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large: Insults and Challenges- 5 Tips for Effective Verbalization During a Violent Encounter

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