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From Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: Veteran’s Memorial Park at Sunrise

The video was taken at sunrise at the Pensacola War Memorial Park. The park is located on the North Shore of Pensacola Bay. It includes memorials to all U.S. Armed Forces and foreign wars. It is also the location of the Wall South, which is an exact replica of the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington. The lighted tower in the Park is the Marine Corps Aviation Memorial and was built through private donations, and the bell clapper in the bell is made of the Naval Aviation Wings and Crew Wings worn by an H-46 Medevac Crew killed in Afghanistan. All crew and troops on board the a/c were KIA. A female Marine Pilot was the Aircraft Commander and they were hit by an RPG coming out of the Medevac P/U Landing Zone. Hope you enjoy this beautiful tribute to our troops as we remember Veterans Day 2014.

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If any SurvivalBlog readers are on a first name basis with the head of state, the foreign secretary, or other high-level government official of any country with a GDP of less than $30 Billion–an economy roughly the size of Paraguay’s– then I would appreciate hearing from you, via e-mail. (See this ranking at Wikipedia.) Thanks, – JWR

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Businesses fire back against ban on the word ‘gun’. – D.S.

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Apache Visits Shooters. – B.B.

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Ferguson Resident: ‘We are Getting Prepared for War’. – B.B.

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