Odds ‘n Sods:

Obama’s New Medical Snooping Program – D.S.

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‘Kissing bug’ disease infects OVER 300,000 people in the US…most of whom don’t know they have the parasite referred to as “the new AIDS” – P.M.

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Those of us with equines know straight-up what to do and how to act when we have the issue of a potential disease outbreak. Step #1-ISOLATION, Step #2 Physical Exam and Collect History, Step #3 Reporting, Step #4 QUARANTINE, Step #5 Biosecurity & Commo, and Step #6 Lifting Quarantine.

I guess the dolts now in our federal government, who are facing Ebola, have absolutely no common “horse sense” like most common farmers or ranchers in the real world have. Plus, we ranchers and farmers are accountable for all of our actions or inactions and all at our own expense, not the taxpayers. From Incident to Outbreak. – K.W.

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During Blackout Day, Academy of Richmond County students learn to live without technology. – M.B.

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Asian Students Outperform Americans on GMAT, So B-Schools Demand Separate Ranking of U.S. Students. – PLC

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