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Russian Military Recruitment Video Embraces Dark Side | Video | TheBlaze.com – G.P.

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Arizona court overturns ruling on bus-stop gun ads.

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Uncomfortable with surveillance cameras? “Identity replacement tech” in the form of the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic gives you a whole new face. Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else. – RBS

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This is a nice brief video with text of a shooter busting aerial clay birds with an Ultimak forward mounted Aimpoint optic on an AK.

I can personally vouch for this very set up on the AK, using an EOTec 500 series.

Be advised, the gas tube mount is metal and will transfer heat to your flush fitting optic during sustained rapid fire.

The tactical speed advantage of a 1x forward mount red dot optic – video / text – T.P.

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There’s a reason the Detroit woman’s siblings now call the grandmother of four “Rambo,” and you don’t want to question the validity of the moniker. Granny ‘Rambo’ Fires When Ready. And, Boy, Was She Ready. – H.L.

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