Odds ‘n Sods:

Parent Arrested After Complaining of Explicit Sex in Schoolbook. – H.L.

Yet another reason why I homeschool my kids and will help homeschool my grandchildren.

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An Iowa City with a Population of 7,000 Will Receive Armored Military Vehicle. – H.L.

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Burglar Jiggled Doorknobs Looking For Way In, Then Got Shot. Had she not been armed, he probably would have killed her, but I’m wondering why the burglar got the chance to chase her around the house assaulting her with a garden tool before getting shot?

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Hillary Clinton: Gun culture ‘way out of balance’. – T.J.

I’m also wondering if the previous story’s victim thinks the gun culture is way out of balance? Maybe Hillary thinks it is because she never had an assailant assault her with a garden tool in her own home. Dodging shoes just isnt even remotely the same.

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ATF quietly laying groundwork to expand multiple rifle sales reporting – B.B.

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