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Todd Savage of Survival Retreat Consulting has launched a new blog: StrategicRelocationBlog.com, in cooperation with well-known preparedness author and lecturer Joel Skousen. I have great respect for both Todd and Joel. Be sure to check it out. – JWR

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AAPS News May 2014 – Do Doctors Expire in 10 Years?. – H.L.

First, the absurdity hit teachers. Now it looks like doctors are next on the list. I have been both a teacher and a medical professional (EMT-B). I can state with first-hand knowledge that I have never had a class (in a classroom) or taken a test that had any bearing upon what I did as a professional. What was important was the actual practice and contact under the tutelage of another professional. The tests and classes have all been money-making experiences for the state and a grand waste of time and resources.

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Company bans homeschooled workers.

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‘Chinese police to help patrol Paris streets’. – G.P.

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FBI: Gangs Responsible for Nearly Half of All Violent Crimes. – G.P.

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