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World Press Freedom Day is May 3rd. Speaking of which, check out the new CFAPA.org web site, that was recently launched by Jim Rawles and his son Robert. In the 21st Century, We The People Are The Free Press!

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The French Origins of American Nationalism. – B.R.

It is a pretty good read and addresses many of the issues of difference between the French and American Revolution. However, I feel it left out an important point that is probably more core to each revolution than any other ideal. By the 1700s France, in general, was moving away from traditional faith and towards more humanistic ideals. This lack of absolute truth led to a sense of relativity that allowed incredible atrocities to take place in the name of Justice. Even the revolution itself devolved into a sadistic machine, out to extract vengeance for every perceived wrong. With no guiding ethics, there was no other option available to the revolution. The strongest ruled by might and whim. America, take note of what has happened in the past when there were no absolutes!

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Driver caught using cell phone jamming device – New York News – JBG

“Federal law prohibits the operation of jamming devices in the United States.” Of course, look who is the first to use the jamming technology when it suits them.

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Why, Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh… | Western Rifle Shooters Association. – B.B More absurdity in the militarization of America’s law enforcement.

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No Spaghetti For You: Venezuela Noodle Maker Halts Production Due To Lack Of Dollars. – H.L.

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White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users. – H.L.

While the day of the password is technically over, I have serious trust issues with anything introduced by the Federal Government that is designed to protect my privacy.

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