Notes for Monday – January 18, 2016

In 1942, Germany began the deportations from Warsaw to Treblinka of Polish Jews. Within the first seven weeks of Himmler’s order, more than 250,000 Jews were taken to Treblinka by rail and gassed to death, making it the largest single act of destruction of any population group. After a four month pause, the deportations started up again on January 18th, 1943. A German SS unit entered the ghetto and began rounding up its denizens, but they did not go without a fight. Six hundred Jews were killed in the street as they struggled with the Germans. These Jews refused to surrender, taking arms from their German persecutors in surprise attacks. The Germans eventually withdrew from the ghetto, but sadly the fight did not end there. Before the incursion was over, 6000 more Jews were transported to their deaths at Treblinka. May we never forget these atrocities. Never Again!

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