Notes for Monday – December 07, 2015

On a Sunday morning, 74 years ago, America was caught sleeping. Then there was that September morning, in 2001. Let’s pray that nothing like those days ever happens again. – JWR

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Ready Made Resources is having a special on the ITT Pinnacle 3rd Gen upgraded PVS-14 Autogated for $3149.00. Included in the package is:

  • Shipping ($50 value)
  • Weapons Mount ($99 value)
  • Shuttered Eye Relief ($40 value)
  • 2 Boxes of infrared chemical lights ($70 value)
  • Surface Trip Flare for the chem lights ($35 value)
  • 10 year warranty

They’ve been in business 20 years and a long time SurvivalBlog advertiser. Get it now because prices will be going up early next year.