News From The American Redoubt:

Here is just one more reason why it is inevitable that Eastern Washington will ask for partition from the Left Coast.

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Once again, the American Redoubt States rank well.

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The has a post with a decent background on what’s going on in Oregon right now.

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More background on the conflict in Oregon:

Where there’s smoke – B.B.
Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters – B.B.’s Pete Santilli streaming LIVE from the Hammond family constitutional crisis event in Oregon – RBS

And, of course, the liberal/progressive point of view: #OregonUnderAttack: People slam lack of govt action after Bundy’s militia takeover in Oregon

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SurvivalBlog has many concerns over this fiasco that is formulating right now. We agree with the core issues at stake: The Federal government land grabs and abuses of power, minimizing the states rights, and the underhanded practice of intimidating citizens to effect their desired response are among them. The grievances are stacking up. However, we also have grave concerns over the actions of the Bundys and the militias. The Hammonds clearly don’t want this battle and, in fact, have already turned themselves into the California Prison. The Bundys have forcefully occupied a federal compound, baiting an armed response. Mike Vanderboegh’s blog (which we linked to yesterday) sums up our concerns rather well. The Bundys are bound and determined to bring the fight to the Federal government, and they are attempting to drag every patriot into the battle with them whether you agree with them or not. Unfortunately, their tactics are not morally sound. I fear that in attempting to recreate the circumstances of the American Revolution, they are instead recreating the French Revolution. We encourage fellow Patriots not to flock to Oregon, where you would be considered outsiders and not entirely welcome by the local population, but instead, prepare in your local area where your strengths are. The fight may be coming to you. Continue to pray that the Federal government does not end this in a Waco-style assault.

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