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Intoxicated man falls off cliff after driving off Idaho road

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Southeast Idaho post office forced to remove Nativity scene – Once again, an outside PC group is attempting to force their beliefs on a local population. If only more locals had more backbone: Belen responds to a demand to remove Nativity scene

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Police release body cam footage from October officer-involved shooting

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Pocatello school lunch lady fired for being kind There is also a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the lunch lady. While I object to the concept of public schools, believe that the public school’s policies are absurd, and agree that the lunch lady violated the terms of her employment, one comment on the GoFundMe page stands out:
“How about this: (a) Nobody talks to lawyers (b) The lady gets her job back (c) All of this money goes into an account at the school and gets deducted when this sort of thing happens again.”

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Longtime SurvivalBlog contributer RBS sent in this link to radio station KPRK on Wikipedia with this comment: “ Maybe local radio would still have a soul if the studios looked more like this today?” – memories of a happier time indeed.

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